When in doubt, sit next to the voluptuous woman on the plane

As a mother, there are some moments that are just so sweet and so tender, you can’t help but want to capture them. Like this one…

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And then there are moments like this…

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Where is the Good?

I should be sleeping.

It is 1:06am, and TRUST me, I should be sleeping. But what am I doing? I’m wide awake listening to my 7 week old breath… and breath and breath….and I am watching Parenthood….and I am thinking deep thoughts; thoughts WAY too deep for [now] 1:08am. Continue reading “Where is the Good?”


Goodbye 2014

It is the last day…well night…of 2014, and I cannot help but smile at just how different my New Year’s Eves have become in the last few years.

From where I currently sit, my husband is laying on the couch dog sick, one little one is already asleep in his crib, while the other coos and squirms in a nearby Continue reading “Goodbye 2014”


The Boy’s Nursery

Ok, so as my due date is QUICKLY approaching, one of the many…MANY…things I have had on my To-Do List has been to redo the nursery in order to make room for baby boy #2. However, as I am currently as big as a house, redoing a nursery is next to impossible…..UNLESS your best friend, and God-sent, from Los Angeles offers to help. So, a few weeks ago when Nicole was in town, I OF COURSE put her to work! Continue reading “The Boy’s Nursery”