My Sincerest Apologies…And Cheesecake!

Okkkkkkkkkay….Hi. Remember Me? Well, if not, I don’t blame you. I’ve completely fallen off the map. See….I’m pregnant. Yes, PREGNANT! And until recently I couldn’t so much as look at food without wanting to ralph. It’s weird, neither of my other pregnancies ever went this route. In fact, with both of my boys I literally took about 18 pregnancy tests each through out simply to make sure that I was, in fact, pregnant. ( I was ).

But today. OHHHHH today of glorious days!!!! Today I woke up as birds sang at my Continue reading “My Sincerest Apologies…And Cheesecake!”


Cinnamon-Apple Apricot Popovers with a Honey Drizzle

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I’m not really sure what the deal has been lately, but I have had no desire to be in the kitchen. Usually the kitchen is the place where I can breathe, the place where my surroundings are familiar; the place that I just KNOW. I have my favorite Continue reading “Cinnamon-Apple Apricot Popovers with a Honey Drizzle”

The No-Peel Apple Cake


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It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Continue reading “The No-Peel Apple Cake”


Blueberry Sundays

Blueberries tend to be an ever presence in our household, and they constantly remind me of my son, River! Continue reading “Blueberry Sundays”


Almond Blueberry Galette

This is an original recipe


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