Lincoln’s “Pancake Stack” Cake


I’ll start off by saying this, this cake is not for the faint of heart. I’ll also say this, I apologize in advance because I did not document my process the way that I normally do.

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Goodbye 2014

It is the last day…well night…of 2014, and I cannot help but smile at just how different my New Year’s Eves have become in the last few years.

From where I currently sit, my husband is laying on the couch dog sick, one little one is already asleep in his crib, while the other coos and squirms in a nearby Continue reading “Goodbye 2014”




When I found out I was having a second boy, I never expected to be thrown a baby shower, let alone TWO! Our newest addition was rooted and hoorayed into this Continue reading “We Had a BABA-SHOWA”


The Business of B&Z

In 2006, I took a position at a camp in Virginia.

I had been falling in and out of trouble in Los Angeles at the time, and Virginia was a much needed escape for me. Little did I know that that summer I would meet the best friend I have ever had. Continue reading “The Business of B&Z”