Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time I had a blog…well, actually this blog still exists…

Ok, let’s start over.

So, I have this other blog: www.snugsandthemanblog.com and I loved writing in it. Initially, it was meant to be a compilation of all of my family’s stand-out memories, funny moments, late night thoughts; a place my children could one day look back on and laugh, cry, or sigh at some of our earlier years together.

And then one day, I started this blog.

And I had this INSANE idea that I, a mother of two small children BOYS, could keep up with both.

Ohhhh how I was mistaken.

Let’s be real, I can barely keep up with this one in between lego towers, smushed bananas in the ear, and cleaning up pee in the carpet (my son’s…not mine…)

See, THIS blog, like it says in the About section, was always meant to be a hash of recipes, memories, musings, and contemplations; yet so far, Ive really just been digging deep into the recipes portion.

So, I’ve decided to give The Noshing Mama a bit of a facelift and merge my two blogs into one seeeeeemi-cohesive place. Over the next few weeks, I will be moving some of my favorite posts from Snugs and the Man over here, as well as continuing to post as I normally do.

Thanks so much for willing to be messy with me!




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