Blueberry Sundays

Blueberries tend to be an ever presence in our household, and they constantly remind me of my son, River!

Isn’t that crazy how certain foods, or certain aromas can instantaneously transport you to memories past, or bring thoughts of specific people raging to the forefront of our minds!? I LOVE that about food.

Recently, I was going through old photographs and old blog posts and realized that I have many photos and posts dedicated solely to River eating Blueberries. I mean like seriously, that’s it. He’s eating, I’m photographing…

Like these here…imgp3527 imgp3523 imgp3524 imgp3526

And man, do these take me back…

Life happens in an instant, doesn’t it!? Moments that are here and gone in a matter of a breath. I find way too often do I rush. Far less often do I savor. See, there was nothing particularly special about this day documented above; nothing really of noteworthy mention. Just me and my boy eating blueberries together on a Sunday afternoon. That’s it. And it was wonderful.

Find my recipe for one of my favorite Almond Blueberry Galettes HERE

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