The Picky Eaters Club


So about a year ago I joined this new club. Over the year, I have found that it is fairly easy to garner a membership. This not so exclusive club is known around the country as the “I Have a Picky Eaters Club”….and I promise you, I am moving up the ranks to President of this club thanks in large part to the campaigning of my son River. Continue reading “The Picky Eaters Club”


Jessica’s Snickerdoodle Cookies


So I have this blonde in my life.

There is sugar in her laugh; spice in her eyes, and for whatever reason, time with her reminds me of warm cookies….familiar, comforting, satisfying. Continue reading “Jessica’s Snickerdoodle Cookies”


Basic Parmesan Risotto


There is something about Risotto that makes a person want to get all sexy in the kitchen while they’re cooking. Continue reading “Basic Parmesan Risotto”


When in doubt, sit next to the voluptuous woman on the plane

As a mother, there are some moments that are just so sweet and so tender, you can’t help but want to capture them. Like this one…

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And then there are moments like this…

Continue reading “When in doubt, sit next to the voluptuous woman on the plane”