The Family Table



So much of what I am about to say you can find in my “About” section, but I just wanted to start this blog journey off right by giving you the biggest and the warmest welcome I possibly can,

HI! And thank you SO much for stopping by!

I began The Noshing Mama in a desire…nay, a passion…to preserve “The Family Table.” What is “The Family Table” might you ask? Well…truly, that term conjures so many different pictures for so many different people; but for ME, “The Family Table” is the place where you come not only to be fed physically, but to be fed emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and unconditionally. It is the place where you are you, and every facet of YOU is welcome. My table is a place where we do REAL, where we do mistakes, where we do fun, hugs, forgiveness…it is a place where we do really really loud; where tears are shed and family isn’t just biological. My table is a place where we do LOVE.

And THAT is the table I want to welcome you to.

In this blog I will walk through one recipe at a time. Most of these recipes will not be my own; however, I will make sure to link to their rightful author. I will share with you what worked, what didn’t work, and any solutions, tips, or hacks I come up with along the way.

As I said in the beginning, this is more of a journey for me than anything….so, thanks for coming along!

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