Goodbye 2014

It is the last day…well night…of 2014, and I cannot help but smile at just how different my New Year’s Eves have become in the last few years.

From where I currently sit, my husband is laying on the couch dog sick, one little one is already asleep in his crib, while the other coos and squirms in a nearby swing. 24 is playing on the TV, champagne chills in the refrigerator, and while yes, we will celebrate, it will most likely happen well before midnight.

When I think back on this previous year, truly all I can see in my mind’s eye is a blur; one giant blur. It just seemed to go by SO fast! But when I think through my memories more carefully, I realize that 2014 will be marked as the most blessed year to date, as well as personally MY hardest.

This year we lost not only my dearest Nan, but my Uncle Jim and even my dog Penny Lane all in a matter of a few months. Yet, this year my baby also became a toddler,.. a walker, a talker, and a brother. THEN, we were so overjoyed when we welcomed our second son, Beau David, on Thanksgiving day. What an incredible reminder of just every little thing we have to be thankful for. This year Robert and I grew even closer in our friendship and our marriage, and we welcomed new friends into our lives, while continuing to deepen old ones.

Buuuuuuuuuut, 2014 also showed me that there are some areas I’ve been ignoring in my life. For starters, I care far too much about what people think of me (as a woman, a wife, a mother), I’ve discovered that I can let the little things really get to me and I can be extremely hard on myself. I have found that I am prone to be anxious, moody, and self-focused. These things can be hard to claim…hard to face- they aren’t pretty and they certainly don’t make me look so- however, I would not recognize these areas in need to growth if God didn’t intend to do just that; grow me.

I look forward to 2015 because I know that with life comes growth. I look forward to making more memories with my family. I look forward to basking in the beauty that is the unknown. I look forward to being surprised. I look forward to discovering more about this city we find ourselves in, and I look forward to getting to know myself again.

So Happy New Year’s my friends. Thank you so much for taking time (from time to time) to visit this page and read what this clan is up to, I’ve loved sharing little tid bits of our life with you. It is my hope that 2015 brings not just happiness, but deep and lasting joy in your life.

Thanks for everything 2014!


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