When I found out I was having a second boy, I never expected to be thrown a baby shower, let alone TWO! Our newest addition was rooted and hoorayed into this world by some of the most generous and kind women. So to you, you know who you are, THANK YOU!

The first shower (photos still to come) was a total and complete surprise. Since moving to Colorado, I started attending a weekly book club with some various girls from a church my husband worked for. On one of the nights, I walked in to a room full of smiling women shouting “Surprise Brie!!!! Happy Surprise Baby Shower!!!!!!” They had skillfully and stealthy planned an entire baby shower right under my nose without me having an inkling. There were homemade cupcakes and food, a hand-made banner for both boys displaying their names (which now resides in their nursery), laughter, story telling, gifts, and so much love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart y’all.

The second shower was thrown by the ladies of the church plant we are a part of. We had it at this quaint and cozy tea house in downtown Denver, and they went all out. I’m talking your choice of tea, petifores, finger sandwiches, the works. These ladies showered me with so much encouragement, love, and gifts. Both Robert and I truly feel like we have found family we never expected to find here. Here are some photos from the shower.


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