The Boy’s Nursery

Ok, so as my due date is QUICKLY approaching, one of the many…MANY…things I have had on my To-Do List has been to redo the nursery in order to make room for baby boy #2. However, as I am currently as big as a house, redoing a nursery is next to impossible…..UNLESS your best friend, and God-sent, from Los Angeles offers to help. So, a few weeks ago when Nicole was in town, I OF COURSE put her to work! These two able-bodied women disassembled one crib, put together TWO new cribs and a dresser, organized every nook and cranny, and even braved Ikea in order to put together a killer (if I do say so myself) Gallery wall. Though that wall did become the bane of our existence… and what you don’t see are the many failed attempts and nail holes that have been strategically covered up…but shhhhhh enough about that….Annnnnywho, move over Rosie the Riveter, because We Can Do It too!

Thus finally I give to you…the finished product.


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