Halloween 2014


I am my mother’s daughter.

Though, initial impressions may not give it away, the older I get the more I realize that this is just a solid FACT. See, my mom is as outgoing and gregarious as they come. She is warm, inviting, friendly, LOVES to be around people, the life of the party, etc. etc. The joke in our family is that my mom could “make friends in an empty house.” It’s just the truth. And to know her, is to love her for it. Whereas I, on the other hand, yes LOVE being around people of course, but always thought that I was a bit more on the introverted side…you know, the “hang on the fringe until I’m comfortable” side.

Growing up, my mom made everything special; everything was an event, everything had some sort of tradition tied to it: birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, you name it.

And now, as I grow and step into motherhood myself, I find that I am stepping more and more out of my shell, and that I have the very same desires to give to my children in that way as well.

So last night we hosted our second annual Naughton Halloween Bash. True to my mom’s form, she offered to have everyone at their place….everyone included 23 adults and 21 kids HELLO!….and it was a BLAST. We had two different kinds of chili, two different kinds of corn bread, mac & cheese (“for the kids” of course), pigs in a blanket (again “for the kids”), FOUR different kinds of cupcakes, as well as warm apple cider. Y-U-M.

We feasted together, laughed together, Trick or Treated together, and concluded the night together with It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!…It felt like FAMILY; something Robert and I have desired so much since moving out here from California.

So, thank you so much to my parents for making last night possible, and thank you so much to everyone who came. We love you with a DEEP love. Hope everyone had as fun of a Halloween as we did 🙂

Here are some snaps from our night.


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