In Memory of The North Beach Lady


We’ve all heard it said a million different times in a million different ways, but Life IS a gift. We did absolutely nothing to earn it, and absolutely nothing to begin it. Regardless of your degree of faith (and mark my words, we all have it…even those who claim they don’t still have faith in that claim) none of us can argue that there is something significant that takes place when one of our beloveds is taken from us. A gap is formed in our personal world, and there is nothing we can do to fill it. It simply exists. I’m not even sure if it’s true that “time heals all wounds,” but I will say that I think, in time, we all learn to make room for the ache brought on by the loss; the wound.

We celebrated Nan’s memory this past week in Virginia Beach. It was an entire family affair, and it was everything. It was beautiful, and painful, and perfect, all rolled up into one week. The service itself did the most amazing job capturing Nan’s essence, and it was because of that that I realized a memorial is my choice. We celebrated Nan’s LIFE; her gift; HER. We celebrated the time we were given with her, and somehow it made looking towards the future without her easier to bear.

I’ve mentioned it before in previous posts, but Nan left an incredible legacy for us behind. She lived out what it meant to LIVE well. As the Matriarch of this family, she left behind a son and a daughter that she basically raised on her own, 4 grandchildren, 3 great grand children whom all got to meet her and experience her love, and 1 more great grand child yet to be born whom she learned of before she died. How awesome is that!?

Once the formal service was over, my family did our own memorial of Nan by spreading her ashes on the beach she had her life long love affair with. For the rest of the week, we celebrated, we reminisced, girls were girls, boys were boys, our children met one another and played together for the first time. We told stories, laughed at jokes, rehashed memories, and shared a few tears. Nan couldn’t…and wouldn’t…have asked for more.

So, here is to The North Beach Lady; the classiest of her kind.


Nancy Parker Crocker Richardson

“The North Beach Lady”

April 22, 1931- June 3, 2014

(below are some snaps from our week together)

IMGP3300IMGP3310IMGP3312IMGP3313IMGP3317IMGP3351IMGP3363IMGP3306IMGP3311IMGP3320IMGP3502IMGP3503IMGP3386IMGP3399IMGP3417IMGP3440IMGP3473IMGP3459IMGP3481IMGP3496IMGP3499IMGP3500IMGP3484 2IMGP3517

“Juuuuust a little. Just a little bit more”

-Nancy Parker Crocker Richardson

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