River Turns 1!


I feel fairly confident saying that at one point or another, every first time mom says to herself “Umm..hmm…did I go overboard on this whole One Year Old’s birthday party thing…?”

I’ll save you the anticipation, the answer is always a resounding YES. Whether you hire a petty zoo, make your child’s flourless, sugarless, vegan, carob, cake from scratch, DIY the crap out of the decorations, or cater the menu, somehow it always happens. It’s a rite of passage if you ask me. Actually, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and claim that as fact: it IS a rite of passage.

For me, I chose the “Mom (aka Grammy), can you help me plan, DIY, and cater the heck out of this shindig?” And that she did.

Yesterday, Robert and I, with the help of family and some friend’s helping hands, hosted River’s first annual birthday party, and it was a BLAST. We chose a cowboy theme, and Grammy killed it on the table decorations. (bandanas, candles, snacks in upside down cowboy hats, etc).

On the Menu:

  • Dicky’s BBQ including: pulled pork, chicken, mac & cheese, potato casserole, and all the fixin’s
  • An assortment of beverages (yes, of course Lemonade and Sweet Tea were included, who do you think you’re talkin’ to!?)
  • Plenty of snacks

I took care of making the desserts. Baking is quickly becoming my favorite pass-time, itsoooooooothes me…. Sure, everything came from a box, but you know what, I have a one year old ok!? 😉

Dessert included:

  • Two different kinds of cake (one for guests, and one especially for River)
  • Cowboy Cupcakes

IMGP3110IMGP3108IMGP3113Whenever you plan an outdoor anything, inevitably the weather forecast calls for Heaven to open up and for there to be some sort of torrential downpour, and of course, yesterday was no exception. However, somehow the clouds held off, and with the exception of a 20 minute “thunder call” for the pool, the weather was actually pretty great! And here’s the thing, we have such amazing family and friends that even if it absolutely poured, they still would have come out and celebrated our son just as joyously. (Thank you guys for that.)

So without further ado, here are some snaps from River’s 1st birthday party. (He wasn’t too sure about the cake….which I think the photos capture quite accurately).

IMGP3197IMGP3116IMGP3118IMGP3119IMGP3120IMGP3126IMGP3149IMGP3145IMGP3151IMGP3160IMGP3153IMGP3176IMGP3179IMGP3264IMGP3137IMGP3223IMGP3243IMGP3234IMGP3240IMGP3237IMGP3248IMGP3256 - Version 2IMGP3274IMGP3276IMGP3277IMGP3283IMGP3292IMGP3293IMGP3298

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