We’re In Florida!


That’s right, our Summer vacation has commenced, and it truly couldn’t have come soon enough!

You know those seasons in life when it feels like you are merely crawling towards the finish line; the line that says, “It’s ok, you can rest now”? Well, let’s just say we had far surpassed crawling, and were basically left for dead when this rest bit finally came around. I’m talking fighting the good fight as far as even the plane ride over here. I’ll spare you the gory details this time around and not dedicate an entire blog post to it, but I’ll just say this:

Picture a teeny tiny non-stop (see, I’ve learned) plane, accompanied by 6 infants who, like the ringing of the bells, melted down one after the other until we reached the east coast. To cement it even further, by the time we landed and the lights came on, River started laughing and waving at all the passengers while I silently cried from sheer exhaustion. I heard quite a few “He’ll sure sleep well tonights” as I managed a polite wave,  when really all I wanted to do was curl into the fetal position.

Buuuuut anyway, WE’RE HERE!! And we are loving our time with our family.

Here are a few snaps from River’s FIRST EVER trip to the beach. Hope you enjoy!


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